About Our Vision And Core Values

Cherishing and living out the good teachings, life lessons we have gained and benefitted from the school, teachers and our class mates. 

Guiding and shaping our lives with our core values of Integrity, Generosity & Humility.


Set up in 1969, this non-profit association for all former Anthonian students and teachers.

Run by an Executive Committee who is elected once in every 2 years 

Its registered office at No: 14, Jalan 63C, Off Pahang Barat, Pekeliling Business Centre, 53000 Kuala Lumpur

It's Role

A social networking platform for all former Anthonians to converge, renew and expand their fraternity with one another.

A charitable platform that raises funds to enhance the school’s learning environment as well as to help needy and deserving students.


A Brief History The St. Anthony’s Alumni had its humble beginnings way back in 1978 when a group of Old Boys spearheaded by Dr. Cheah Song Kang initiated a regular meet up group. They regularly met over dinner sessions reminiscing the good old times in school. This group grew in size progressively and in early 1979 they felt there was a need to formalise this group. Through the individual efforts of this group news was spread around to recruit more old boys to initiate a formal association. On the 7th of April 1979 at 6.30pm a historic event took place at our very own school hall. A meeting attended by 71 old boys approved the formation of the ST.ANTHONY’S OLD PUPILS ASSOCIATION. 

An inaugural Pro tem Committee was elected. The following made up the inaugural committee : President : Dr. Cheah Song Kang Vice President : T. Thambirajah Hon. Secretary : Anthony Kee Hon. Treasurer : Yeoh Teoh Aun Committee Members : Toh Soon Guan, N. Nagaraja, Dr. P. Subramaniam, Wilfred Oh, S. Narayanan, Lee Teck Teng, Soo Yee Seng AMN and Vincent Rozario Apart from the Protem Committee 7 ( seven ) representatives were elected as State representatives to do a membership drive to strengthen the Association. The following were the inaugural State representatives : Singapore : V.V. Giri Negeri Sembilan & Johor : K. Gurunathan Sabah &Sarawak : Lim Thian Cheok Penang : Chung Chong Soon Selangor : S. Palaniappan Federal Territory : John Gomez 

The meeting was attended by the Ex- Director, Rev. Bro. Damian and Mr.Toh Soon Guan, Principal, St. Anthony’s Secondary School. A draft constitution for the Association was distributed to those present for their review and proposals. Among the major activities initiated for the Association and agreed upon during the meeting were as follows • Offer the members an opportunity to meet each other through annual reunion dinners and sporting activities. • Assist the School in its projects • Annual series of games between Malacca Club and the St. Anthony’s Old Pupils Association for the Mudellier Trophy presented by V.V. Giri, our old boy. The Inaugural Reunion Dinner of the St. Anthony’s Old Pupils Association was held on the 7th of April 1979 after the inaugural meeting. The Association was formally registered in 1981 with the Registrar of Societies and today we celebrate 40 years since its initiation with great pride and gratitude to the inaugural committee.